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CommStrong will be a program that employers can offer to their employees. Employees choose one or more non-profits to give to on a regular bases, automatically drawn through their paychecks, and for their contribution they will be given exclusive access to the CommStrong website, offering an abundance of special discounts to favored local restaurants, coffee shops and other retailers in their community.

In order to take the next steps in developing this program, CommStrong needs to raise $10,000 for a clickable prototype to solidify the design of this technology. This will also allow our team to collect letters of intent from users and get buy in from key players before the official launch.

We currently have over 9 retail stores, 9 nonprofits, and 3 employers who have agreed to be part of this program. Now, we just need to build the tool to bring it all together!

What we have done thus far:

We have tested this concept in Madison, Wisconsin. Through this beta test, we found that CommStrong's target market is ages 25 to 34, generally young professionals. This is perfect because local nonprofits are having a hard time getting monetary involvement from the younger generations. The reasons for this is because most of these individuals don't have the disposable income to donate in large sums to any particular nonprofit.

This model gives consumers the opportunity to donate in small increments and ultimately save money by using discounts at restaurants and stores they would otherwise already be shopping at.

We are now ready to create a Ui, which will be tested with all key players: consumers, nonprofits, retailers, and businesses. Once the details of the software structure and design is complete, we can build out the backend and start generating sales.

Our mission is to expand this nation wide. This concept is going to uplift communities and prove the power in togetherness.

Every dollar is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us reach this goal to positively impact our communities.